My 2nd Treasury Feature

I’m excited! I just got featured in my second treasury. It is one featuring supplies.

Previously I was featured in a Spring Trends treasury …

… Happy moment. Had to share!

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Loss of Thoughts… Or not…

Fibro hurts what others take for granted.

Fibro hurts what others take for granted.

One thing that drives me nuts about fibromyalgia is the so called “fibro fog”. It drives me nuts feeling like I’m lost in a haze far too often. I used to be an extremely contemplated person. I think that is why I thought the blogging thing would be a good idea for me, to get me thinking and writing again. Years ago I used to write privately late at night, all the time. That was back when I had the time and, of course, the focus. Read more ›

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Happy New Year!

Wow. It’s hard to believe that 2013 is already over!

I’ve been a bit neglectful of my website of late. Between dealing with health issues, the holidays, and life in general, my time has been quite limited. Being so busy with everything has caught up with me now and my body has said it’s time to slow down. Thankfully the holidays are passed so I don’t feel bad for taking a breather.

Reflecting on 2013 is not something I have any desire to do tonight. Lets just say I’m ready for the promise of better times to come.

My goal this year: Figure out how to balance my health with having some sort of life. Also hopefully to find more answers to help resolve the health issues.

I’ve been thinking about some tutorial ideas I’d like to do but my focus has just not been where it needs to be to accomplish the task just yet. It’s frustrating how often I’m finding that to be a problem. It makes me feel bad that there are so many things I want to do but my health leaves things repeatedly put on the back burner.

On the upside I have been managing to get my Etsy shop updated a little bit at a time. I’m happy about that. I’ve been doing an item here and there when things work out. Seems doing things a little at a time is the only way things will get done of late. My focus won’t allow me to do anything that requires too much brain strain. A lot of people call it “fibro fog” bug honestly I think its a mixture of the medications and a side effect of pain levels, making it hard to think straight.

I’m also considering adding in some photo albums for my crafting adventures.

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Recent Adventures Into Hemp Jewelry

0ne of a Kind Designs

Thanks to my sister encouraging me to come up with something a little more natural and outdoorsy. Her encouragement helped me expand on my jewelry making skills to involve working with hemp or other cordage to make jewelry. Hemp is more popular but I recently discovered a much softer bamboo cord that if I can find it thin enough to string beads on, I may start working with it too. That aside though I’ve really gotten into the whole knot tying process of this type of jewelry. At first I wasn’t sure about it but it was a lot easier to learn than I expected and already I’m able to vary up the options without needing to follow any patterns now. I’m back to being able to create what feels right and what I like verse just following a book pattern. So I am happy. Plus now I have something I can offer that’s more eco-friendly than my usual stuff. Mostly I use wooden beads due to hole sizes verse thread sizes and until I can get my hands on a tool to make bigger holes in gemstones, that’s what I’ll use. I’ve tried some glass beads but I’m not set on the look for it I think the glass beads looks better on the waxed cotton I’ve tried which I’ll attach pictures of later.

I need to get my shop fully updated but you’ll be able to find all my jewelry on there, or at least the pieces I made that I’m willing to part with. Haha! It’s hard sometimes to decide to sell things because I love most of the things I make. I’ve gotten to a point I have to start taking notes and get enough pieces to make two if I love it enough. :)

I’m hoping to at some point actually set up being able to buy through my website but I need to find a script I really trust before I’d be willing to go that route. And either way has more traffic at this point in time than my hobby here.

Anyway, time for me to crash. It’s been a long draining day. Physically and emotionally I’m out of energy.

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Updates – Slowly but surely

Have been in a bit of a fog lately. I think my health stuff is just getting to me lately. I keep trying to focus on stuff and it’s just not happening very fast lately. I mean I’ve had a lot of my symptoms flaring up lately and all. I guess you can say that all that can be a bit distracting. I am honestly making more of an effort now though to get my shop and my website both updated and more exciting to look at. It is just taking me a bit longer than I would like. Normally I could work through things a lot faster but the longer I’ve been sick the harder it gets. It is all a bit frustrating for me.

Anyway, I have updated all of my jewelry pictures so I’m looking into adding a gallery here as well as getting my shop on Etsy updated. I’ve gotten part of the way there and tomorrow I plan to finish measuring out my jewelry pieces so I can put all that info. in before I release the updates.

I’m also considering the idea of adding tutorials to my website here. I’m not sure if I would prefer to do it by way of video, pictures, or both. However I need to keep reminding myself one step at a time. It can be easy to get distracted on the internet at times.

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Oh my, I think I bit off more than I could chew tonight. I started up trying to modify the website and at one point spent a good while trying to figure out what I did wrong to mess up everything. My eyelids are getting very heavy so I shall have to log off very soon and have to wait to return till tomorrow.

I decided to revamp things because I was not happy with a premade layout. I really wanted one set strictly for my website and not out there somewhere being used by multiple others. I used to build my websites from scratch, more or less. So when it comes to rebuilding my site I need to not be lazy and actually put it together right and not low my standards.

Anyway, I have all sorts of things to say but its a bit difficult to focus when dozing off in front of the computer.

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Protected: Health related rant

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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To ad or not to ad

So I’ve been debating how I’m going to keep this site going as I’m pained at the thought of putting a lot of effort into this website to watch it all go away later down the road when it comes time to renew. I’m still hoping by then things will have worked out and I’ll have some sort of income but till then I’m having to consider all my options…

I hate ads as much as the next person. I have always had my site ad free for as long as I was able. However with current issues in the funds department (Health issues=no job=no income=dwindling savings account) means I may need to figure out some sort of way to help pay for my site. Right now you can say thanks to my tax refund and an awesome dad who is supporting me while I fight for disability and continue to seek out the help of my doctors. Mind you I would much rather regain my health so I could get my life back to some sort of normal again plus find a job and regain my independence in the world and so on and so forth.

[removed rant about health issues and problems facing there to a protected entry]

So anyway, I’m still hesitant on adding any ads cause of how much I dislike them but we will see how things go. If I do have to end up adding any, it will be minimal. However I do have some skills in the hobby department that I can maybe find some sort of way to help enough to keep things going. It certainly isn’t enough to count on as a source of income but the process of creating things is like therapy for me, granted no matter what it is, every hobby seems to cost some amount of money. So I’ve started to come to understand the concept of the term “starving artist” even though I don’t paint or draw, I’m a different kind of artist. I enjoy letting my creative juices flow, whether its working on creating an awesome website or simply making some jewelry, it’s something I enjoy and do for fun. It helps me get my mind off of the sometimes intense amount of stress I have to go through some days. Granted depending on the situation from day to day, it is certainly just a hobby as my health likes to get in the way of a LOT of things regardless of my wants. Even this website is dependent on my focus and is why I’ve chosen to go with content management options and have not personalized my site as much as I normally do and haven’t even gotten to all the content I want to add “yet”.

Anyway, we shall see how things go. I’ll update you more when I figure something out.

Again, thoughts and feedback always appreciated.

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Annoyed with spam bots

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with all the spam bots and the like that plague the internet. It seems like they have only gotten worse over time. Used to you could block them fairly easily but it’s become an ever growing chore as they get smarter and smarter breaking through things that once used to block them.

It’s annoying how they go around creating false accounts where possible because they’ve been trained to seek out sign up forms and reply fields/forms and such. Annoying how they go around commenting with all their spams links and such leading to who knows what. Annoying how they seek out and horde any email address or useful information they can get to add to their ways to flood your emails with junk and so on and so forth. I had to look up ways to trick a bot to not recognize my email on my contact page. So will see how that goes. No junk mail yet.

I’ve been having to research to find ways to block the annoying little buggers. I finally figured out the current IP that’s been ignoring my robots.txt I set up as the initial line of defense and wasn’t on the list I found online of bad bots and have blocked. However it’s ignored things and repeatedly tried to visit pages that don’t even exist and trying to create accounts I assume to spam my blog post with their spammy comments. So I am now done with that annoyance.

Generally they are usually just annoying more than anything from what I’ve run into so far. My site is safe. I’ve gotten all my little blocks in place which I’m sure I’ll have to add to sooner or later. Everyone who has a website has a certain amount they have to deal with but most don’t say it, just think it. Some may not even be aware and just oblivious. Who knows. I’m sure you all have run into links or posts places that don’t make since and of course the usual junk mail that plagues most of us.

But here I am saying how annoying they are. I just felt like ranting. So here is my rant. Hear me RAWR!

… It’s SOOO annoying! Someone needs to find a way to rewrite the codes of them and make them go back and annoy their creators instead of us.

Why can’t the annoying bot creators decided to follow the rule of “if the site opts for no bots than leave it alone!!!”? Of course then they’d loose their place in the web as I cannot imagine anyone wanting them on their site aside from the good bots that tell search engines about your site so you can get more hits from people searching for whatever you have to offer.

Anyway, that’s all for now… (rawrs one last time then hops off my soapbox)

P.S. If you are a website owner and have any tips to share, feel free to let me know!

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Protected: Sleepy Thoughts

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