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I wanted to take a moment to share how 0neofakind.com came to be…

For years I’ve gone by the alias “oneofakindgurl” on the web. Girl having been spelled gurl due to the fact the proper spelling was already taken. I came up with the idea because of the teaching of how everyone is unique and special in their own way really stuck with me. There have been many times where I didn’t really felt like I fit in with the “normal” crowds. Granted I have always had a gift of easily befriending anyone and everyone. Not really sure why except perhaps because I have chosen to grasp the concept of diversity.

I accept we all have our differences and we don’t have to always like those differences but they are what make each and every one of us unique… someone special. I realize we all have different lessons to learn and different paths to take in life. So we all make different choices and see things differently based on where we are at and where we choose to go in life. I accept that. Like I said, we all have our own lessons to learn. I believe there is a far greater picture than we may understand and just because we all may make up different parts of that picture, doesn’t make it right or wrong. Its the ability for all those differences to come together, to coexist in peaceful harmony, that evoke the potential to create something beautiful. We all may be different and lead very different lives but if we can learn to come together and accept each other for who we are individually, life can be beautiful. Those connections we share where one path overlaps with another person’s path can be more pleasant and even more meaningful if we allow ourselves to accept each other and maybe even realize that we all contribute to the bigger picture and perhaps can learn something from one another that we may not have realized on our own.

So anyway, off my soapbox, the concept of we are all “one of a kind” really stuck with me. So of course it would follow me into my future adventures as I continued to grow. I started out with 0neofakind.com in my teens when an online friend got me hooked on teaching myself how to build websites and I finally realized that the free website hosts were no longer suiting my needs. The first letter actually being the number zero because again the proper spelling was already taken. So I took what I could get and stuck with that till my free time dwindled and my time got occupied with various other matters. I’ve come to learn how life always has a way of taking a different course and changing our plans when we least expect it. Recently my life has taken another one of those turns and now with having more time again, I’ve rekindled my web design interests as well as some other fun and exciting hobbies. Health has freed up a large chunk of my time (at least what time isn’t spent dealing with those health issues and the many doctor appointments and such). So my creative side has been resparked and getting fed more often. Its a bit therapeutic for me, at least when my focus allows me to do things… hence the larger use of some premade scripts at this time. Its not as easy to write my thoughts clearly let alone code when my brain is a complete and total fog. So apologies ahead of time if there are longer than usual pauses between updates.

So as for what I wish this site to contain… well that is still a work in progress. My interests can be a bit eclectic at times.

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