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Thanks to my sister encouraging me to come up with something a little more natural and outdoorsy. Her encouragement helped me expand on my jewelry making skills to involve working with hemp or other cordage to make jewelry. Hemp is more popular but I recently discovered a much softer bamboo cord that if I can find it thin enough to string beads on, I may start working with it too. That aside though I’ve really gotten into the whole knot tying process of this type of jewelry. At first I wasn’t sure about it but it was a lot easier to learn than I expected and already I’m able to vary up the options without needing to follow any patterns now. I’m back to being able to create what feels right and what I like verse just following a book pattern. So I am happy. Plus now I have something I can offer that’s more eco-friendly than my usual stuff. Mostly I use wooden beads due to hole sizes verse thread sizes and until I can get my hands on a tool to make bigger holes in gemstones, that’s what I’ll use. I’ve tried some glass beads but I’m not set on the look for it I think the glass beads looks better on the waxed cotton I’ve tried which I’ll attach pictures of later.

I need to get my shop fully updated but you’ll be able to find all my jewelry on there, or at least the pieces I made that I’m willing to part with. Haha! It’s hard sometimes to decide to sell things because I love most of the things I make. I’ve gotten to a point I have to start taking notes and get enough pieces to make two if I love it enough. :)

I’m hoping to at some point actually set up being able to buy through my website but I need to find a script I really trust before I’d be willing to go that route. And either way has more traffic at this point in time than my hobby here.

Anyway, time for me to crash. It’s been a long draining day. Physically and emotionally I’m out of energy.

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