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So I’ve been debating how I’m going to keep this site going as I’m pained at the thought of putting a lot of effort into this website to watch it all go away later down the road when it comes time to renew. I’m still hoping by then things will have worked out and I’ll have some sort of income but till then I’m having to consider all my options…

I hate ads as much as the next person. I have always had my site ad free for as long as I was able. However with current issues in the funds department (Health issues=no job=no income=dwindling savings account) means I may need to figure out some sort of way to help pay for my site. Right now you can say thanks to my tax refund and an awesome dad who is supporting me while I fight for disability and continue to seek out the help of my doctors. Mind you I would much rather regain my health so I could get my life back to some sort of normal again plus find a job and regain my independence in the world and so on and so forth.

[removed rant about health issues and problems facing there to a protected entry]

So anyway, I’m still hesitant on adding any ads cause of how much I dislike them but we will see how things go. If I do have to end up adding any, it will be minimal. However I do have some skills in the hobby department that I can maybe find some sort of way to help enough to keep things going. It certainly isn’t enough to count on as a source of income but the process of creating things is like therapy for me, granted no matter what it is, every hobby seems to cost some amount of money. So I’ve started to come to understand the concept of the term “starving artist” even though I don’t paint or draw, I’m a different kind of artist. I enjoy letting my creative juices flow, whether its working on creating an awesome website or simply making some jewelry, it’s something I enjoy and do for fun. It helps me get my mind off of the sometimes intense amount of stress I have to go through some days. Granted depending on the situation from day to day, it is certainly just a hobby as my health likes to get in the way of a LOT of things regardless of my wants. Even this website is dependent on my focus and is why I’ve chosen to go with content management options and have not personalized my site as much as I normally do and haven’t even gotten to all the content I want to add “yet”.

Anyway, we shall see how things go. I’ll update you more when I figure something out.

Again, thoughts and feedback always appreciated.

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