Annoyed with spam bots

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with all the spam bots and the like that plague the internet. It seems like they have only gotten worse over time. Used to you could block them fairly easily but it’s become an ever growing chore as they get smarter and smarter breaking through things that once used to block them.

It’s annoying how they go around creating false accounts where possible because they’ve been trained to seek out sign up forms and reply fields/forms and such. Annoying how they go around commenting with all their spams links and such leading to who knows what. Annoying how they seek out and horde any email address or useful information they can get to add to their ways to flood your emails with junk and so on and so forth. I had to look up ways to trick a bot to not recognize my email on my contact page. So will see how that goes. No junk mail yet.

I’ve been having to research to find ways to block the annoying little buggers. I finally figured out the current IP that’s been ignoring my robots.txt I set up as the initial line of defense and wasn’t on the list I found online of bad bots and have blocked. However it’s ignored things and repeatedly tried to visit pages that don’t even exist and trying to create accounts I assume to spam my blog post with their spammy comments. So I am now done with that annoyance.

Generally they are usually just annoying more than anything from what I’ve run into so far. My site is safe. I’ve gotten all my little blocks in place which I’m sure I’ll have to add to sooner or later. Everyone who has a website has a certain amount they have to deal with but most don’t say it, just think it. Some may not even be aware and just oblivious. Who knows. I’m sure you all have run into links or posts places that don’t make since and of course the usual junk mail that plagues most of us.

But here I am saying how annoying they are. I just felt like ranting. So here is my rant. Hear me RAWR!

… It’s SOOO annoying! Someone needs to find a way to rewrite the codes of them and make them go back and annoy their creators instead of us.

Why can’t the annoying bot creators decided to follow the rule of “if the site opts for no bots than leave it alone!!!”? Of course then they’d loose their place in the web as I cannot imagine anyone wanting them on their site aside from the good bots that tell search engines about your site so you can get more hits from people searching for whatever you have to offer.

Anyway, that’s all for now… (rawrs one last time then hops off my soapbox)

P.S. If you are a website owner and have any tips to share, feel free to let me know!

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