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Hello everyone! I’m not sure if my old website will be remembered as it has been awhile since I’ve had it up and running properly. It was collecting dust with it’s lack of updates. I’ve decided to delete everything and start anew by revamping things and get everything back up and going properly.

I’m still working out all my ideas and my coding skills are a little rusty so please bare with me while I work things out. I’m sure like most things though, it will be a lot like the old saying about “it’s like riding a bike.” It may have been awhile but once you get going you start remembering how.

The hardest part about all this I think will be deciding on what content I want on here. That and some focus issues I’ve encountered of late but we won’t talk about that now… So far I’ve obviously decided on having a blog. I may or may not stick with that end of things though; we shall see. I like being able to write my thoughts out sometimes but typically I’m more private about them. However I do think it would be nice to use it as a tool to communicate perhaps about my crafting hobbies so that I can get in touch with others who share my interest there. That and I’ve been told I have a gift for words by a few people in my life. I’m not sure how true that is. I know my grammar skills could use some work but hopefully at least people understand the things I say and/or mean to convey.

I’ve also considered blogging about some of the challenges I’ve faced health wise. I’m a bit more reserved and nervous there though. I’ve faced a lot over the last year and a half and one of the things that has helped me was actually seeing a few other blogs that made me realize I wasn’t alone in some of the things I was dealing with on the more personal level. Again though, I’m a lot more nervous about sharing some of my feelings there as it is quite personal. So I will probably lean more towards my crafting abilities. Plus I could do a lot more with that. For example tutorials, put myself out there creatively, maybe make a few extra bucks or inspire someone else to pursue interests of their own.

However things go please wish me good luck!

Also I LOVE feedback and even constructive criticism to help me learn and grow.

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